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Engraved signs

We offer engraved signs in plastic for technical installations. The signs are delivered with UV-stable acrylic material for outside usage and they are available in several different colors.
All signs except hanging sign is delivered with 3M tape on the back

Signs can be ordered in our web system, by phone or e-mail.

In our editor you will see your sign as you create it. All changes is seen directly on the web page, such as text size, hole size and color.

If you have no specific requirements on the size of the sign you can use our auto mode as it will adapt the sign with the right text size.

We also deliver clean room signs which means that the engraving is mirrored which results in a smooth surface on the front of the sign.

Our signs have high quality proof from many tests.

Contact us for more information and your specific requirements.


Material: Plastic acrilyc

Thickness: 1,6 mm or 0,8 mm

Colors: +100 colors (Standard according to our web editor)

UV-beständigt: Ja +25 år

Common uses are:

Electric, Ventilation, Pipes, Cooling, Cabinet Construction, Industry, Maintenance, Rail Road, Security, Alarm.

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Engraved signs

Are you in need of engraved signs of the highest quality for your company or industry? In that case, you have come to the right place. We offer customized signs for several different areas - for example in maintenance, security, alarms, electricity, plumbing, railway and ventilation, to name a few.

Getting the right kind of signs for the work you do is of utmost importance - this is because sustainability and design are a must to be taken seriously by the customer. The engraved signs we offer are distinguished by their long service life and good quality.

With us, you can adapt your engraved signs in our online system, completely based on your needs. You decide the look, size, text and color yourself, which makes the design exactly the way you want it. We have the fastest deliveries on the market - this means that you have the opportunity to receive your signs the next day. This applies when you design and order your engraved signs before 16.00.

As everything is online-based, we can handle production and delivery in an efficient and professional way, which also ensures fast deliveries.

Our engraved signs are intended for technical installations, they are made of plastic and have a strong 3M tape on the back. For outdoor use, they are provided with a UV-stable acrylic material to increase its service life. All this means that you as a customer can feel safe in ordering high-quality signs with an engraving that is of the highest standard.

We always strive for absolute customer satisfaction and are happy to do our utmost to make you as a customer feel that your needs are met. The possibility to design online makes the whole process very easy for you, but should you still encounter problems when you place your order, just get in touch with us - we are happy to help you! We have short response times and fast support.

You can also contact us by phone or email to place your order. We are here for you and to make sure that your order is exactly as you want it.

You who design your signs in our web tool have the opportunity to either choose the size of the sign yourself, or design based on an auto mode.

If you choose to design with auto mode, the web tool ensures that the size of your sign is optimized according to your text. You can see all the changes you make in real time on the screen, which makes the creation of your engraved sign both smooth and easy to maneuver.

Order online before 16.00 to have your signs delivered the day after.

Welcome to us at Knutwall - we hope to see you as a customer with us, and our ambition is for you to satisfied with your engraved signs!


Engraved signs for electrical installation, vent installation, plumbing installation and industry, fast delivery

With us, you can design the engraved signs your company or industry needs. Order online before 16.00 and receive the delivery the day after.


Do you have any questions? Dont hesitate to call us on +468-646 94 01.


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