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Pipe marking

According to Scandinavian standards, all pipes must be marked visibly in each room. It is becoming more and more common that it should say what the pipe contains and what it serves.

We help you save time by ordering custom 5-meter rolls in different colors and sizes (according to specifications below).

Do not forget to order with hazard pictograms to show dangerous substances that the pipe may contain.


Sizes of Pipe Marking

Our pipe marking tape is available in two standard sizes, 160 and 80 mm.
The width of the pipe marking is determined on the basis of the diameter of the pipe.
Above 25mm the width should be 160mm and the text height 12mm
Below 25mm the width should be 80mm and the text height 6mm
All are delivered in 5 meter rolls as standard

Material on Pipe Marking

Printed laminated, self-adhesive, environmentally friendly polypropylene (PP), which withstands water, oil and most acids, alkalis and is adapted to withstand all harsh environments, both indoors and outdoors. The label tape can withstand temperatures up to 120 ° C and is UV-resistant.

Texts on Pipe Marking

We always print the text according to your wishes, but to be able to order quickly, we have created a number of standard texts that are often used.

Colors Pipe marking

Our range follows current standards (SS741) and is available in the following colors:

Green - Water

Orange - Flammable gases

Violet - Corrosive & toxic gases and liquids

Blue - Fresh water (purified)

Light brown - Other gases

Black - Other liquids

Gray - Water vapor

Brown - Flammable liquids

Light red - Lots, suspensions

Light blue - Air & vacuum

Yellow - Oxidizing gases & liquids

White - Other / optional text

Red - Fire protection

Customized pipe marking with fast delivery

Through us, you can get pipe marking that follows Swedish standards and at the same time is adapted to your special needs. We print and deliver within 24 hours.


When must pipe marking be done?

If there are pipelines that contain dangerous chemical products, they must be labeled. The label must contain what the product is, a danger pictogram - ie symbols that make it clear in which way it is dangerous - and an arrow that indicates the direction of flow. The marking must be done to avoid confusion of what is in which pipes and what risks there are.


If the pipes are built-in, marking only needs to be done on the parts where the pipes are visible. Warning of hazardous contents may be necessary on the outer casing where the pipelines are built. If the same pipelines are used for different products, all relevant hazard pictograms must be used. The names of the products can be replaced by a designation on the pipes and an explanation elsewhere, for example on a board.


Why order printed pipe marking?

If you choose to make your pipe marking with handwritten signs or to use a regular printer, it can work well at first. These types of signs are seldom resistant to wear and tear and wear can cause ambiguity. Having a clear pipe marking is very important for safety to be maintained. With a professionally printed pipe marking, you get an alternative that is sustainable, clear and that helps you create a safe working environment. You can also trust that the products live up to the current Swedish standard that you have a duty to follow, and do not have to worry about missing something.


How do you order?

To order, use our website where you can design the pipe marking and make the adjustments you need, for example, add special symbols. There you also choose the size, we have markings with both 80 and 160 mm width. It is also possible to order the Faropiktogram accessory tape.


What colors are there?

We offer all the colors that are in Swedish standard, for example:

  • orange - used to label pipes with flammable gas
  • brown - used to label pipes with flammable liquid
  • violet - used for those pipes that contain corrosive or toxic liquids
  • light blue - used to label tubes that contain air or vacuum
  • gray - used for pipes with water vapor
  • light brown - used to label pipes with other gases

Fast delivery

If you order before 16.00, your products will be delivered the next day. It is thus possible to get customized pipe marking within 24 hours.


Order custom pipe marking with delivery within 24 hours

Pipes with dangerous chemical products must be labeled to avoid accidents. Order custom and professionally printed labeling, with delivery within 24 hours.


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