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Weidmuller Multifit

Customized terminal marking within 24 hours

Customized terminal marking within 24 hours We offer customized terminal marking so-called Weidmuller Multifit for all terminals in the Weidmuller range. Design yourself on the web and see the card graphically to get a good overview of your order. We have also added features such as: Import from excel, generate number series & optimize cards to simplify the process.

All our labels are printed the same day you order and you receive your products the next day. Quick, easy & right!

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Weidmuller Multifit customized terminal marking

Do you work with electrical service in a property or workshop? Do you need customized and easy-to-install marking for terminals for all different types of electrical and appliance cabinets? With us, you can design your own terminal label for electrical cabinets for optimal control and order. Our range of customized terminal marking from Weidmuller Multifit fits all terminals from Weidmuller's large range, while at the same time being compatible with most major suppliers' systems.


Design and order online

In our simple online system, you design your terminal label yourself without the need for technical or graphic knowledge. You have the option to change text size, font, rotate text, import information from Excel, generate number series, import or add your own label and view the order graphically before ordering.


When you place your order before 4 pm, you will receive your delivery the next day. Our products are delivered pre-printed and ready for assembly. The marking is delivered in short, sorted and pre-printed. Therefore, it is easy for you to quickly create an overview and the sorting allows you to immediately find the right brand. To mount, remove the marking from the card and click onto the terminal block. Therefore, it is important to choose the right size of the terminal label so that the label fits the terminal block and is easy to install.


The terminal label is made of durable polyamide, which means that our products are durable and have a long service life and good readability. They are usually printed on the same day as the order so that you can quickly have your label delivered.


Our labels from Weidmuller Multifit

We work with three different series that suit most suppliers. All can be customized directly online in our editor.

    Our large range of terminal markings from Weidmuller Multfit means that we can cover most customers' needs for terminal markings for all the common brands on the market. Design online and order before 16 and you will receive your delivery the next day. If you have questions about our label or need support, feel free to contact us and we will help you with your order!


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