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Ventilation marking

Knutwall offers custom ventilation labeling. Order quickly and easily online, choose your text and add your own logo free of charge. We offer the product in both 0.5 mm halogen-free plastic, and as standard stickers. 

The models we print together with your customized text:


- EXHAUST AIR (Yellow)

- EXHAUST (Brown)

- RETURN AIR (Yellow)


The size of the sign / sticker is: 160 × 80 mm.

The sign includes two holes and tape on the back for easy installation.


Size of our ventilation label

Our ventilation label follows Swedish Standard and is offered in 160 × 80 mm.

Material on the ventilation marking

The signs are 0.5 mm halogen-free screen printed plastic. The product is offered with 2 standard holes and tape on the back.

The stickers are as standard and about 0.1 mm thick.

Texts / logo on your ventilation label

We always print the text & your logos as desired. Choose up to three lines and upload your own logo in .eps format and apply it where you think it fits.

Colours ventilation marking

Vårt utbud av färger följer Svensk-Standard enligt nedan:


- EXHAUST AIR (Yellow)

- EXHAUST (Brown)

- RETURN AIR (Yellow)


Unique ventilation marking - adapted to your needs

We at Knutwall Marking System AB offer unique stickers and signs for Flo-Code, so that you can label your ventilation in the best way. You can easily order your ventilation signs online. We create a pre-printed product and deliver within 24 hours.


Why ventilation marking?

There are rules that say that the ventilation must be felt, and that it must be done in such a way that it is easy to understand what type of air it is. There should also be arrows showing the direction of flow. There is a standard for which colors to use for different types of air, all to make it as clear as possible.


Why order ventilation signs or stickers?

Most people print their Flo-Code label from a regular printer, or print it by hand. In terms of current regulations, it is a solution that is okay, but that does not mean that it is the best option. We at Knutwall Marking System AB offer unique products where you get signs or stickers that are adapted to your wishes and needs. Printed products look better, give a more serious impression and last longer - except that they become clearer and therefore increase safety more than a handwritten sign can do.


Fast delivery

When you order your ventilation label from Knutwall Marking System AB, you can get stickers and ventilation signs the very next day! All that is required is that you place the order before 4 pm, and we guarantee a pre-printed product adapted to your wishes, and delivery within 24 hours.


Material and size

Standard for our labeling of Flo-Code are stickers, but it is also possible to get ventilation signs made of halogen-free plastic with a thickness of 0.5 mm.


The size of signs and stickers is 160 × 80 mm. There is tape on the back of the signs so that they can be easily mounted. There are also two holes for mounting.


Different alternatives

We offer ventilation signs and stickers that are specially adapted for ventilation marking, or Flo-Code. It is available with or without reflection and current options and colors are:


  • supply air - red color
  • exhaust air - yellow color
  • exhaust air - brown color
  • return air - yellow color
  • outdoor air - blue color

You can choose to add extra text with up to two lines, and can then decide the font, size and other formatting. It is also possible to add your own logo.


It is also possible to add symbols from our range of images, so that the ventilation sign can contain relevant warnings, orders or other information. Examples are symbols for telephone, fire extinguisher, cigarette ban, earmuffs or risk of slipping.

Do you have any questions? Dont hesitate to call us on +468-646 94 01.


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